Reach for the Stars is an interactive light show. When the ropes are pulled, the constellation of the stars change. This creates a dazzling light show. It was exhibited at The ‘Night of Art and Science’ in the beautiful star observatory in Leiden and at VOID (Media technology).
This interactive light and sound installation has been on the exposition of NewMedia&NewTechnologies and “De nacht van kunst en kennis” (the biggest art and science exposition through the whole city of Leiden). The installation is a “chandelier” (2,5×2,5 meter) with 30 hanging stars thread ranging from 1 to 3 meter long. From the chandelier 6 ropes com down to the floor. When these are pulled a light flash emerges and changes the composition of the stars. One rope makes them more red but less tinkly, other one changes the background animation and makes them move slower. Never are the stars in the sky the same.
For most of Earth’s history, our spectacular universe of stars and galaxies has been visible in the darkness of the night sky. But today some of us must travel far away from home. Away from the flow of artificial lighting to experience the expanse of the Milky Way as our ancestors once knew it. When was the last time you saw billions of stars in the sky? Were you in a city? Wipe away the light- and air pollution and we would be left with a dazzling light show.