Buying a light table in order to control a light setup up trough DMX protocol can cost thousands. This one is made completely from scratch for 40 euro. Everything is from own design and 3D printed – even the buttons. I used it to control fixtures (club lights) for my light shows during events.
his soundboard is entirely 3d printed and is controlled by an Arduino. The board loads mp3’s from an SD card and play the sounds one time or a loop. The top row buttons are programmed as tabs so you can browse through multiple pages.
Linio is an autonomous robot based on Arduino that is able to drive and draw in an 8 by 8 matrix. When it is driving this matrix form, Linio is able to draw or not draw according to the specifications set by its user, so eventually a 64-bit drawing appears.
In order to drive in straight lines and follow through from left to right and back from right to left again, 3D printed omniwheels are used.