“Designing a party should be like a show where people are immersed in an experience never to be forgotten.” This is what distinguishes an event from all the others. With this mindset, I’ve designed all kinds of parties ranging from student parties to EDM events. Note: Due to the nature of event not a lot of imagery exists, sadly.
I did set design (building props up to 8×4 meters), interactive objects, light and kinetic centrepieces, special effects, the identity of events, and many more till organizational activities.
I was responsible for aesthetics, atmosphere and technological operation for various projects. This means I had to conceptualize, did construction research, build it and keep a financial plan within a tight deadline. Sometimes by my own, other times I had to a team of 2-10 members lead. Visitors of those events ranged from 100 up to 1500 people.
I strive to give a surprising experience that matches the nature of the event. I design and build light shows during events. This can be one time happenings (like on Halloween midnight) or complete dmx installations consisting of different fixtures (lights) and effects.
This is a part of a 3part 2.5meter wide chandelier which its parts could move individually up and down to create shapes. Meanwhile led patterns and colors changed accordingly. The movement (positions by 6 motors) and led effect where controllable py phone.
3D neon string art. Three of them were suspended from the ceiling so they could move up and down and rotate.
‘Vriendjes en Vriendinnetjes'(party); everything had to be done with a zero-budget and a buildup time of just a few hours
A lot of times I made things interactive so special effects could be triggered. For a Halloween party I made a secret button (painting) that could let in thunder (lighting and sound effects) on the dance floor. White light flashes revealed monsters behind the windows, the decorative wall mounted lamps flickered and UV flood lights came on revealing UV written text and drawings on the walls like blood.
LGBT+ party made possible by donations