This (user-tested) project tries to shorten the experience of the subjective waiting time.
The project was rated as ‘best project’ by members of the Philips Experience lab
The pillar shows information about the upcoming bus and influence the waiting time unconsciously through the behaviour and colour pallet of the light. To realize and prove this project a lot of user test where conducted.
The project was demonstrated through an interactive prototype at the Philips experience lab. By pressing a button different aspects of the design where highlighted and the behaviour of the light pillar acted in sync of the video.
One of the user-test setups. A person was asked to sit next to a glowing clube in a certain color. After x minutes the person was asked for how long he thought he was in the room. This time, and the objective time, was noted down. Subjects thought they were longer in the room when the color was blue/green. Subjects subjective waiting time experience decreased even more when the club pulsated increasingly.
Stop Motion explaining the early concept.